Air Circuit Breaker

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Very fast interruption by Double Break system

The unique “Double Break” main contact system ensures extremely fast interruption of short circuit currents and substantially reduces main contact wear. The internally symmetrical “Double Break” structure allow reverse power connection. This is the only ACB with this facility in India that only provided by BCH Air Circuit Breaker Manufacturer.


No extra arc space required, vertical stacking permitted

No extra arc space
The TemPower2 ACB dissipates all arc energy within its unique “Double Break” arc chamber. This internal energy dissipation  allows the clearance distance between  the ACB  and  nearby earthed metal to be zero  minimizing switchboard height and costs.


TemPower2 provides positive protection for electric power systems.

The TemPower2 series comes equipped with  RMS sensing over-current releases (OCR) offering a wide range of protection functions and capabilities.

  •  L-Characteristic general feeder circuits protection
  •  R- Characteristics general feeder circuits protection
  •  Generator  protection
Protection features
  • Long time delay
  • Short time delay
  • Instantaneous (Optional)
  • Ground fault
  • Reverse Power trip
  • N-phase protection
  • Earth leakage
  • Two channel pre trip
  • Advance LCD display
  • Contact temperature monitoring
  • Communication protocol
TemPower 2 Air Circuit Breakers

Double Break System : Two Steps ahead

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